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Georgette on Set

Georgette Pressler


Georgette is the creator of Devious Body Art in West Palm Beach, Florida and, most recently, Makeup Lead at Hong Kong's Ocean Park Halloween Event from August through November since 2015.

 Georgette, who was named Fourth place winner in the 2011 at the North American Body Paint Championships in Dallas, Texas and Body Painter of the Year in New Times’ Best Of Issue for 2010, has been transforming people with paint for over 20 years.  

She began as a face painter at the young age of 15 and continued painting children through high school,  her military career and into college.  A graduate of FAU, she received a BFA in Conceptual Studio Art. During college, the world of body painting was opened up to her, along with a mature adult clientele.
By using her knowledge from formal training and combining her impromptu freestyle,  Georgette creates living works of art.  Design and color accentuate the fluid movements of the body.  Shape, line, and layer take on a new depth as models breath life into paint.

 An award winning artist, Georgette has been requested by clients such as Versace, Playboy, Bullets 4 Peace, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Breezes Resorts in Jamaica, as well as some of the most popular theaters, clubs and venues in Miami.  Live body paint performance is also an aspect of her portfolio.  She has drawn crowds at Gavlak Gallery, Gallery 101, Miami’s Art Basel and at The Hive Gallery  and IMATS in Los Angeles.  She is one of the featured body paint artists at Full Throttle Saloon  (Spike TV) for Sturgis Bike Week . Working closely with talented photographers, Georgette also creates private and comfortable photo shoots for clients that want to feel the freedom of being adorned in nothing but paint.
Her work has been published in multiple magazines and papers, including the cover of Wellington Magazine, featured cover of Her Life Magazine, featured in Illusions Magazine, The Palm Beach Post, New Times, City Link and online blogs such as and Clik/
Many of the events that Georgette has been involved with are often directly linked to a charitable organization, such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation, The ASPCA, Surfers for Autism, The Rare Species Conservatory Foundation and most recently, Outreach Uganda.  Involving the community through art has always been a focus and passion for her.
Georgette seeks to bring body paint into the forefront of the fine art community. She hopes to change society’s misconceptions of the art form by combining tasteful and beautiful imagery with dynamic and fluid motion.

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