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Body Art Portfolio

Body Painting Photoshoots

In this gallery you will find a selection of body paint images done for professional photography shoots and clients. Some images may inappropriate for children under 18.

( I have to say that, even though I don't believe it.)

Art is for ALL!

Painted Baby Bumps

This gallery holds some of my absolute favorite clients, my expectant moms to be! These ladies graciously allowed me into their lives and let me be a part of something magical! Many of these paintings are done during a ritual called a Blessing Way. An ancient blessing of mother and child that centers around woman and the goddess that she is. These paintings are always so special for me. Every unborn baby, at some point, interacts with me during the painting process. A little hand pushing back at the point where my brush touches is something you never forget! If you would like to create a Blessing Way for yourself or a friend, please contact myself or Mindy Galamaga at 

Live Body Painting

Whether it's for a black tie affair or on the main stage at your favorite nightclub, live body painting performances are where it's at! get your crowd INVOLVED in the art. Viewers love to be more than spectators and enjoy the interaction with artist and model.  Many of my models are selected for their talents and not just their beauty. Enthralled guests watch as costumed artist transform models into mythical creatures, fine art reproductions and walking promotional billboards.

 Here are just a few of the many varied live painting performances Devious Body Art has been involved with. 

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